Pure Sine Wave Inverter 3000W

When you’re looking to buy a pure sine wave inverter, it’s important to find one that has enough power to start all your devices. You don’t need an inverter of a million watts just to run your laptop, but you do want to choose a powerful one. You can find a pure sine wave inverter for your car for under $100, and many of these units can be hard-wired into your AC distribution box.

The 3000W Pure Sine inverter features a Digital Signal Processor driver to create a stable, pure sine wave at 120VAC output. It responds quickly to changes in battery voltage, allowing it to support sensitive loads such as electronics. It also automatically controls both AC and DC operation, which makes it even more efficient. With its high efficiency, it only needs about 3% of the input voltage to produce an output voltage that’s nearly as stable as the input one.

A pure sine wave inverter provides a cleaner, more reliable power source. It also preserves the life of batteries and other sensitive electronics. Using this device can prevent electrical shock and prolong battery life. With its remote on/off switch, it’s easy to set and monitor. You can control the inverter from up to 26 feet away. It can also be installed in an out-of-the-way location.

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