Learning Outcomes – What Are the Types of Learning Outcomes?

Learning outcomes describe the skills or knowledge that learners will learn from a course. They should be worldnewshunt specific and measurable, and describe the learning in observable actions or performances. If learning outcomes are vague, it is difficult to measure them. The most useful learning outcomes are those that describe what learners will be able amazinginfo to do. However, it’s important to keep in mind that some outcomes may not be as useful as others.

One of the most important learning outcomes is to help students become self-directed learners. This thewebgross means that students will be able to control their own learning and supervise their own progress. This is also called active learning. Active learning, on the other hand, encourages magazineweb360 students to participate in the learning process, which improves the students’ ability to apply and integrate what they have learned.

Often, learning outcomes include a verbal description of what the learner learned. For example, if the learner fotolognews has learned about new departmental HR policies, they should be able to explain how the new policies apply in the workplace. They should also be able to synthesize the solution to a workflow problem using verbal information.

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