Erectile Dysfunction–Addressing The Health Issue

Not many of us like to talk about sexual health and issues. But in reality, these illnesses can occur to anyone, and it is essential to know about them to identify them and receive the help we need.

One such sexual health disorder among men is ED or erectile dysfunction. More than 10 million people are diagnosed with it annually. Good to know that this disorder is treatable. Contact Lazare Urology to know more about this issue.

Erectile dysfunction–Addressing the health issue

Some men do not get an erection; if they get one, they cannot sustain it long enough to engage in sexual interaction. Not getting an erection during stressful times or grief is somehow natural. But when the ED condition becomes chronic, it always gets difficult to get an erection. This condition can have a traumatic influence on a man’s mind making him feel he is impotent. It also gives rise to intimacy problems in a detectmind.

How to know if you have ED for sure?

Sometimes the absence of an erection can result from emotional turmoil, but how will you determine if it is a temporary or sexual dysfunction?

If you have erectile dysfunction, you will notice the mentioned symptom:

  • Loss of sexual interest
  • Low levels of libido
  • Inability to attain an orgasm
  • Premature koiusa

If the above-mentioned symptoms sustain for over two months, you will most likely have erectile dysfunction. 

Why is this problem a cause of concern?

Erectile dysfunction causes problems in a relationship and is also a sign of underlying health issues. ED can result from the mentioned illnesses that require severe treatment.

  • Heart problems
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Sleep disorders
  • High levels of bad cholesterol
  • Blocked blood vessels.

There are a few reasons that cause erectile dysfunction:

  • Obesity reduces the blood flow
  • Surgery that affects the nerves or spinal cords
  • Consuming drugs or drinking above limits
  • Prostrate cancer surgery
  • Tobacco use narrows the blood vessels and reduces the oxygen supply to your penis.


At first, the healthcare expert will know every detail of your past health issues and your current medication. Do not take medications alone; consult a doctor if you suffer from chronic ailments. 

Thankfully, erectile dysfunction is curable. If the problem caused is psychological, then sexual counseling will help. If ED is caused due to certain medications, your doctor will lower your drug dose. If it caused due to other problems, your doctor would prescribe medicines to improve the blood flow to your penis. These medications have serious side effects. 

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